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Everything Swimming Pool Supplies Testimonials

When we purchased our house, the pool needed lots of work. We spoke with several companies and almost all recommended we remodel, until we found Everything Swimming Pool Supplies. They suggested to acid wash the plaster and clean and repair the pool tile. For a fraction of what we were quoted for remodeling, our pool now looks great. Their staff was easy to work with and professional. I will recommend Everything Swimming Pool Supplies to all my friends.
Fred & Audrey Schippmann, San Diego, CA

It was such a comfort to know that Everything Swimming Pool Supplies could not only clean my pool’s tile, but do so without draining the pool. We were able to swim the same day! Thanks for all your hard work. I’m a believer!!
Gail Blanck, Alpine, CA

We have had our pool for over ten years, and we have had problems since the beginning with stones falling off. Everything Swimming Pool Supplies came out and not only fixed the stones that had fallen off, but also cleaned them. We had no idea there was an effective way to remove all the ugly white stuff that had built up over the years. We will definitely have Everything Swimming Pool Supplies out again.
Bob O’Hara, San Diego, CA

The deck-o-seal looks great. It matches my decking, and the sanded finish totally blends in, unlike the old shiny rubbery stuff.
Logan Cody, Encinitas, CA

I want to thank the guys at Everything Swimming Pool Supplies. After having another company acid wash my pool, the plaster was really rough. The kids kept scraping their feet and snagging their bathing suits. I was a little hesitant to do anything more, until I talked with Kevin. He assured me that polishing the pool would smooth out the surface, making it feel like new again. I am totally sold now!
Kim, Fairbanks Ranch, CA

The crews were great, the price was even better! Thanks for a job well done. We will be using Everything Swimming Pool Supplies for all our pool needs.
The Wilson’s, La Mesa, CA

I just moved back from years out of the country. My tenants had neglected the pool, and I had no idea what to do. I did not want to enter into a lengthy remodel due to all of the traveling I do for business. Everything Swimming Pool Supplies was able to come in and refurbish my pool in 48 hours. It now looks better than it did when I left.
Christi Anderson, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Being the middle of summer, I didn’t want to have to go without my pool for any length of time, but the stone coping around my pool was becoming really dangerous. The stones were wobbly, and I was afraid that someone was going to fall. Everything Swimming Pool Supplies was able to come out and fix the pool in an afternoon.
Cory Moore, Fallbrook, CA

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